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Greetings lonely wanderer :D

2010-01-21 17:08:44 by Bboyspike

Hey dude/chick :)
I dunno how did you end up on my profile, since I can't make flash :)

I mainly write this cuz I didn't like the crying icon in the section :D

So, something about me: I come from Czech Republic (betcha you dont know where it is ;) I live in small town called Strakonice, I have a band called 12° Bagpipers (punk-ska-indie-something else:) and a breakdance crew illknees :) that's pretty much everything :D

Thx 4 visiting my profile


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2011-06-05 13:52:46

1. Dude
2. Saw your song in the ska section.
3. No idea, somewhere in Europe right? I'm from Australia.

Your band is freakin' awesome, by the way. Props.


2011-06-16 06:48:45

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